Life lessons I’ve learned from my cats

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Perhaps it’s the weather that’s making me feel so philosophical. Maybe I’m just tired. Or perhaps it’s just old age.

Eli, the In Brief Legal Writing Services mascot.
In Brief Legal Writing Services mascot Eli catching up on the latest news. Photo by Alexandra Bogdanovic

For whatever reason, I’ve recently been thinking not only about the values my parents instilled in me, but also about the life lessons I’ve learned from my cats. So without further ado and in no particular order of importance, here they are:

  1. Forgive but don’t ever forget
  2. Loyalty and respect must be earned
  3. Trust is a precious commodity
  4. So is unconditional love
  5. When someone hurts you, take a breath, step back and evaluate whether or not your own actions prompted that behavior
  6. Physical scars may fade with time, but emotional scars don’t
  7. Compassion is not just a human trait
  8. Persistence pays off
  9. Sometimes you have to yell louder than everyone else in order to be heard
  10. Every day is an adventure
  11. Being really cute can get you out of lots of trouble
  12. Being really cute can get you into lots of trouble
  13. Never let anyone know how clever you really are
  14. Never follow orders without thinking about it first
  15. Let everyone else think they’re really smart
  16. Annual checkups are highly overrated
  17. Road trips aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be
  18. Getting enough rest is super-important
  19. So is friendship
  20. Life can be really hard and scary sometimes…
  21. But no matter what, you just gotta have faith that everything will be okay…



All I want for Christmas is…

This vintage typwriter is our featured image.

Yes, it’s old news. But it’s a story that made a lasting impression — for all of the wrong reasons.

Last December, the court of public opinion indicted a woman who reportedly spent a lot of money on a lot of Christmas presents for her children. While she defended her right to do as she pleased, critics said she was sending the wrong message.

I agree. Christmas is not about “stuff.” It’s not about what we get, or how much we get. It’s about so much more…

With that being stated, here’s a Christmas letter I hope you will enjoy.

Dear Santa —

True, I’m not a little a girl anymore. And as you know, I haven’t really been all that good. But I still felt compelled to write.

Alexandra Bogdanovic
Founder/owner of In Brief Legal Writing Services, Alexandra Bogdanovic. Photo by N. Bogdanovic

You see it’s been a crazy year. Everyone seems so angry, and they’re all fighting for no reason. To make matters even worse, it seems like the people who scream the loudest and say the nastiest things get the most attention.

The whole situation makes me really sad. So I was hoping you could help straighten things out by bringing everyone some gifts they could really use. Here are some suggestions.

This year, please bring the world the capacity for:

  1. More love and less hate
  2. More tolerance and less ignorance
  3. More peace and less war
  4. More happiness and less anger
  5. More kindness and less cruelty

I know you’re extremely busy and this is asking a lot, especially at the last minute. But we can use all the help we can get.

I know you’ll do your best, and look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. (You know I’ll be up!)

In the meantime, please give my regards to Mrs. Claus and all of the elves. Oh, and don’t forget to pat the reindeer for me!

Have a safe journey.