This story is guaranteed to make you smile

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If this story doesn’t make you smile, you don’t have a heart. Or you maybe you do have one… and it’s made of stone.

Apparently a little girl, untainted by cynicism, bitterness, skepticism, anger, or any other emotions that typically cloud adult minds, has decided to “share the love” with law enforcement officers across the country.

Black and white photograph of New York Police Department barriers taken by Alexandra Bogdanovic
NYPD barriers. Photo by Alexandra Bogdanovic

As reported by a local NBC TV affiliate in Mobile, Alabama, Rosalyn Baldwin embarked on her mission after “learning about the heroic and sacrificial efforts of many law enforcement officers.” Specifically, Rosalyn, age seven, decided to “offer hugs to all the law enforcement officers that crossed her path.”

So far, her plan to hug law enforcement officers in one major city in every state is off to a good start. In addition to Mobile, she has hugged law enforcement officers in Louisiana and Mississippi.

“Law enforcement officials say they’re thankful she has a heart to spread love to everyone,” Mobile TV station WPMI reports.

During a recent visit to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, the deputies got hugs, and  “officially hugged by Rosalyn” stickers to mark the occasion. In return, they gave her some souvenirs to remember them by.

As it stands, it’s a lesson none of us should forget. After all, in a world so full of hate, it’s amazing what a little bit of love can do.

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