Pit bull puppy comes to the rescue in Brooklyn atatck

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As a volunteer at a local animal shelter, I’ve seen my share of mistreated and unwanted pit bulls. And it’s heartbreaking. For the most part, these are wonderful, affectionate dogs in desperate need of loving homes.

They get a bad wrap — and they don’t deserve it.

Take me home! A dog up for adoption and an Adopt-a-Dog volunteer. Photo by A. Bogdanovic
An Adopt-a-Dog volunteer with a dog up for adoption at the annual Puttin’ on the Dog show in Greenwich last September. Photo by A. Bogdanovic

If you don’t believe me, just wait until you hear this story about an heroic pit bull puppy. According to various media accounts, Apollo, a five-month-old pit bull, was out for a walk with his master’s girlfriend when he came to her rescue.

As the New York Post reports, Maya Fairweather, 18, decided to take Apollo for a walk in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, N.Y., at approximately 10 p.m. Monday. She had just turned the puppy loose in a neighborhood park when an unknown man allegedly attacked her.

“I felt someone pull my headphones,” Fairweather told the Post. “I thought it was my boyfriend grabbing me, so I turned around and smiled — but it wasn’t my boyfriend.”

As the alleged assailant knocked her to the ground and tried to remove her pants, Apollo intervened. Showing remarkable bravery, tenacity and loyalty, the puppy bit the man and held on until Fairweather could get away.

“He was protective,” Fairweather said, referring to Apollo. “I think it would’ve been a lot worse. I wouldn’t have been so lucky.”

Fortunately, Apollo also emerged from the incident unscathed.

Police are now looking for the suspect in the case — and with all of the publicity it has generated, it is unlikely he will remain at large for long.

And with all of the fuss over Apollo’s heroism, it’s unlikely anyone will mess with his master or Fairweather again. If nothing else, Apollo can always lick someone to death, she said.

“He is a sweet dog. I never thought he would bite anyone. He never bit anyone before. He’s usually very friendly and just jumps on everyone,” she told the Post.

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