New animal ambulance comes to the rescue

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The First Connecticut Animal Ambulance

As a pet parent, it’s music to my ‘EARS’

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Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@InBriefLegalWS) have already the links to the articles I posted about this. But it’s such a cool issue I felt compelled to share it here, too.

According to its website, a  Shelton Connecticut-based group is now offering an ambulance service devoted specifically to animals. Its something I hope we never need, but I am happy it exists.

“In April our team was presented with an amazing opportunity to acquire a former ambulance to modify in to a fully outfitted animal ambulance – the first in Connecticut,” the Emergency Animal Response Service (EARS) says. “Through a major month-long fundraising effort with contributions from animal hospitals, veterinarians, other rescue groups, and public support, we were able to exceed our goal and we are extremely proud to announce that ‘Rescue 2’ has arrived and is now 100% operational!”

Once used to transport people, the rig is now fully stocked with everything needed to treat animals in distress. The crews that man it are “are certified in pet first aid, life support, and undergo special training involving the safe and compassionate transportation of animals in need.”

If you live in Connecticut, you can learn more about the animal ambulance at various events. The next one is at an EARS fundraiser in Orange tomorrow. If you can’t make it, there is another one on August 21.

In addition to providing the animal ambulance and “rapid response” service, EARS engages in community outreach programs. The programs include demonstrations, workshops and classes.

“Each program we present is individually designed based on the needs of who we are working with. The programs can be altered depending on the type of program, age of participants, size of location, main interest of the group, and many other aspects,” the organization says.

Clearly providing such comprehensive services requires a lot of manpower. EARS encourages anyone interested in volunteering to visit the volunteer page on its website. You can find even more information about how to get involved here.

It sounds like such a cool organization that I definitely encourage you to get involved if you can. And to be honest, I’m already thinking about joining,myself.

On Another Note…

Speaking of animals, I am happy to report that Eli is much better. We took him off the pain killers on Sunday morning, but he was still feeling out of sorts and hid in the basement until Wednesday morning, when I convinced him to come upstairs for breakfast. Since then he’s been back to his old self.

Now let’s hope he stays that way!

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