If you rely on Internet technology to feed your pet, you probably shouldn’t have one

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Okay. Now I’ve seen everything…

Did you know that you no longer have to be at home to feed your pet? Or that you don’t need to rely on a pet sitter, relative, friend or neighbor to feed Mittens or Fido if you’re away? It’s true.

Apparently there’s an app and a special food dispenser that will do it for you. But only if you have a Mac, iPad, iPhone or similar device. And only if you’re willing to spend more than $100 for the feeder.

Eli, the In Brief Legal Writing Services mascot.
In Brief Legal Writing Services mascot Eli catching up on the latest news. Photo by Alexandra Bogdanovic

On its website, the company that makes the product lists all sorts of reasons why buying it is a great idea. But personally I am not convinced.

Sure, I think it’s a great alternative for pet owners who have to work late once in a while, or for those who have to travel occasionally and don’t want to pay a friend, neighbor, relative or pet sitter.

Do I think it’s a good idea to rely on Internet technology to feed your pet all of the time? Absolutely, positively not. Frankly, if you’re not around enough to feed your cat or dog a couple of times per day, you probably shouldn’t have one.

A recent article in The Daily Dot proves my point. Apparently, the servers crashed — leaving the pets that rely on the technology for food without any. The reporter that wrote the story didn’t interview any pets that were affected, but I imagine they weren’t very happy. Judging by a copy of a social media post (tweet) included in the story, I think its safe to say the pet owners whose dogs and cats were affected weren’t very happy, either.

I can’t say whether the company’s claims that the server crash was unusual and that it was working to prevent similar failures reassured those who were affected. But I can say that I’m not impressed. I told Eli about the whole ordeal, and he’s not too impressed, either.

The bottom line is that our companion animals rely on us for only a few things: shelter, food, healthcare, and love. It’s really not asking too much. And in return, we get more love and loyalty than we deserve.

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