Trial and error

This vintage typwriter is our featured image.

It’s official. In Brief Legal Writing Services is finally open for business.

Or at least it will be by the time you read this.

So I guess you could say that I’m ready to get to work — except for the fact that getting to this point has been a pretty big job in and of itself.

Alexandra Bogdanovic
Founder/owner Alexandra Bogdanovic

It all began with a tremendous leap of faith. Yes, making the decision to start my own business was the biggest, and arguably the scariest step I’ve taken but it was just the first. Since then I’ve been taking a lot of “baby steps.” Among other things, I enrolled in a couple of web design classes so I could learn how to create my own “virtual workplace.”

Each class was six weeks long. Building this site took the better part of three weeks. Along the way, I had more than my share of frustration. I stumbled, I fell. I got up. I tried again. I cried. I resisted the urge to throw my computer out of the window. I learned a lot and believe it or not, I had fun.

Yes, I could have paid someone to create a site. I suppose that would have been quicker. Perhaps it would have been easier. I am sure I could have spared myself a lot of exasperation.

But in the end there’s no guarantee that I would have gotten a site I like as much as this one. And I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the satisfaction of designing it myself.